Definition of Internet Terms

Over the years we have found that many of our clients are unsure of the definitions of many internet related terms. Although the following list of words and definitions is not comprehensive, it a good starting point. The internet word list is not alphabetized, but rather listed in order of importance and flows from one definition to the next.

Website design
The act of creating the layout and look of a website.

Website development
The act of creating a website that contains programs or functions that fulfill the specific needs of a client and their customers. This involves the creating of programs or writing code to make the website perform certain tasks.

Web designer
A collective term for any person who believes they can create a website. This person ranges in expertise from using a free online website creation tool to a professionally trained college graduate. This person is responsible for creating the general layout and look of a website.

Website developer
A person who has been trained or has extensive experience in building websites. This person has the knowledge to create custom websites with programs that fulfill the needs of their clients and their client's customers.

A person who can create programs to make a website perform specific tasks.

SIDE NOTE: Wiregrass Advertising, Inc. designs and develops custom websites. In other words, we make visually appealing websites that perform tasks and WORK for our clients, not just look good.

Content writing, Content writer
The act of writing the text appearing in a website by a person who is skilled in wording. A content writer should be familiar with search engine optimization requirements, marketing psychology, and have excellent English Language skills.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
The act of coding and writing a website in such a way that it provides the opportunity for the website to appear at the top or close to the top of a list of websites on a search engine when a specific term is searched.

Marketing psychology
Knowing how a specific group of people will respond when presented with a specific scenario that encourages a purchase response.

Internet marketing
The act of placing a website in specific locations on the internet and before a specific target market whereby the most response to that website will be obtained. This can be through the use of paid advertising on websites or the purchase of keywords on search engines.

Search engine
A website whereby a person can enter a word or phrase and in return be presented with a list of websites that utilize that word or phrase. The three most popular search engines in the United States are Google, Bing and Yahoo in that order.

Domain name
The name that denotes a specific websites. It always ends in a period followed by a two to four letter suffix such as com, net, org, gov, us, tv, mobi, etc. An example would be

Domain registration
The act of registering a domain name so that a particular person, company, group or organization has the right to use that name. Although domain names may be purchased from an entity, they must be registered through a registration company and that registration must be maintained or the name will be allowed to be used by another entity.

The server (computer) where a website's files are located in order to be accessed by the public via the internet. The company who owns the server is the Host company and usually charges a specific fee for the space used by the website. The act of providing a host service is hosting.

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