Client Success Stories

"Perfect! Thanks for the quick service. Client loved it."
J. Keppy, Rickey Stokes News

"We have gotten good comments and response from website."
Amanda, Plantagra Products

"I tell you what.  I've been talking you guys up a lot....especially how quickly you take care of things.  I know I'm not the most important customer you have, but I sure appreciate how you get things done.  And you can quote me on that one too!!"
Gary Bruce  Wiregrass Shoppers Guide

"You are doing an outstanding job. ...With all you are doing I want the people to know who did the work. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you are doing. Your company is the best by far on any other company used in the past and I guarantee you - Your company will be the only one we deal with in the future."
WB (graphic design work)

"Your crew has done an excellent job in displaying our work and creating an avenue for others to see our capabilities and accomplishments. We are proud of our new website and are sure that it will translate into business opportunities."
Mike Trawick
(This comment sent two months later) "The web site is getting a lot of attention.  We have had some great comments.  Thanks for all your help."
Sherry Trawick  Trawick Gardens and Landscapes, LLC

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your services and the website!  I have been so satisfied with how fast you respond to my questions and how easy you have been to work with!  I really appreciate all of your help and you will come highly recommended by us!"
Casey Tomberlin

"Excellent job! Thank you for what is a very good website and system. You did exceed my expectations. Your suggestions, and indeed your text and descriptions, for tours and their presentation helped me considerably and have made my business better. I will send you all the customers for website and marketing I can."
Dick Swarn

"Fantastic, you guys must have ESP. I love it. Thanks"
Carl Dykes

"Thank you so much!! I love love love it!"
Brandi Whitlock 

"This looks fantastic."
Chrysta Graves

"Thank you for the superb job you have done in creating and managing our website since 2004."
Paul Alexander, Faith Baptist Church

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