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Professional Marketing Consultation Service

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A good marketing foundation followed by the implementation of continued excellent marketing practices can enable a business to thrive. Most business owners do not have a marketing degree or a marketing team to help them. The Wiregrass Advertising Team can partner with your business by providing a professional marketing consult that includes an on-site survey of your operation, help you develop short and long-term marketing plans and provide in-depth consultations concerning any changes needed to decor, customer service, staff and marketing strategies.

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Marketing Consultation

As we operate our own businesses we become blind to what other people see. Often we are proud of our achievements and do not view them as our customers do. We wonder why we are losing business and not being as productive as we ought to be. Sometimes we just need to hear what we know to be true from a marketing consultant before we take action. The end result is a loss of business and that can be disastrous in any economy.

Unlike the reality TV shows, Wiregrass Advertising will not "makeover" your business, but we will provide you with an in-depth look into your business from both an outsider's and a marketer's point of view and provide tangible suggestions and plans for increasing your revenue.

Why You Need Wiregrass Advertising, Inc. as a Marketing Consultant to Help Your Business

Our team has years of marketing experience and has been built on many of the same principles and strategies that we will show you during your professional marketing consultation.

With your marketing consultation will come suggestions for improvement. Most marketing consultants and coaches will stop there, but through Wiregrass Advertising’s graphic design, print and internet marketing teams and network of professional service companies, we are capable of assisting you in implementing many of these suggestions at reduced costs and working with you long term to insure your success.

Businesses that can Profit from a Professional Marketing Consultation

How a Marketing Consultant can Help Your Business Grow

Every business is unique; every opportunity different; no business is cookie-cutter. Unlike the TV shows, the process of increasing your business is not usually overnight. The initial review, consultation and strategy development may take a week to two weeks. Implementation may take longer. To provide assistance to you we try to employ some immediate marketing programs to provide rapid cash inflow to help you cover the cost of the marketing consultation and implementation of the new strategies.

We start with secret shoppers, phone calls and visits to your location to provide us with the knowledge of what is happening when people are "acting normal." Retail and service businesses receive on-site reviewing of your operations and current marketing strategies for two days to one week. We perform customer interviews, post shop follow-ups and area marketing surveys to properly determine a proper course of action. After research and analysis are complete, we will present you with the comprehensive results and both short and long term marketing plans along with ideas on implementation.

The Cost of Your Professional Marketing Consultation

You can see that such an extensive marketing consultation program involves time and man-power. Our team devotes dozens of hours to your company with the goal of seeing you and your business become successful. Marketing consultation begins at $5,000 for most small businesses with on-site reviews. Consultations for internet based companies begin at $2,000.

The Real Cost of Your Marketing Consultation

There is no "cost" for a good marketing survey and plan development with proper marketing strategy implementation. If you are willing to listen to advice, learn, grow, implement suggestions and look to the future then you can expect business growth and revenue increase which will more than cover any expenditure you have made for your marketing consultation. How much is increased revenue worth to you?

Getting Your Professional Marketing Consultation Started

The first step in your marketing consultation and future growth is to contact us. We will conduct a non-obligation phone interview to discuss your current situation, obtain your goals and insure our program is a good match for your company. Once accepted into the program, we will develop a timeline for surveys, on-site review and consultation dates.

What to Expect from a Marketing Consultation

Your market evaluation will take about one week. Wiregrass Advertising will review your current marketing strategies, plans and operations on the first day of arrival. This may involve secret shops, customer surveys and evaluations of staff as well as discussions with you. During the second day we will have further discussion with you, and continue developing our marketing suggestions. Day three is usually spent with you and your management members developing marketing plans and strategies specific to your company, your goals and your situations. This is an all day seminar. If necessary, we'll continue the seminar on day four, otherwise days four and five are wrap-up days where we assist you in implementing the ideas, suggestions and goals we have developed together. Of course, days are flexible depending on each situation.

It is our desire to assist in your business growth. Therefore we strive to minimize the distractions and time keeping you from performing your duties. But to help us help you, we need you to be available and on-site for most of the week.

Professional Marketing Consultation Case Studies

Marketing Consultation Case Study 1

Medical Device Company (This company will remain anonymous)

Background: The owner of this company invented a medical device and needed assistance in marketing it.

Initial Marketing Consult and Review: On initial consultation our immediate impression was that the owner is dogmatic and not open to suggestions. The owner had performed limited marketing survey and research, but had made no sales at that time. Although several ideas were suggested in the meeting, all were immediately rejected with no consideration of merit by the owner.

Goal: Provide initial marketing for and jump start sales of a medical device.

Plan: Due to the owner’s limitations placed upon Wiregrass Advertising we were unable to develop a strong marketing strategy. Marketing was limited to design of a website. All layouts we provided to the company were rejected and the owner eventually specified exact layout and design which failed in any marketing survey performed. He also personally designed brochures and printed them on his inkjet printer.

Result: Six months later the owner returned to Wiregrass Advertising, Inc. for redesign of the website. However, he again refused to approve design and layouts provided by Wiregrass Advertising. Almost one year later, at the time of this writing, we are not aware of a single sale of the device.

Marketing Consultation Case Study 2

Tailgating Trailer Company (Company has ceased operations)

Background: The owner developed an idea for a trailer to enhance the tailgating experience at any sporting event.
Initial Marketing Consult and Review: The owner requested a website to sell his trailers. During the initial interview the owner told our marketing consultant that his wife was a graphic designer and would be making the decisions pertaining to any layouts.

Goal: Sell tailgating trailers

Plan: Develop a website as an informational sports portal to promote continued return of potential customers while advertising the trailers and allowing a means for their sale. Assist the owner with suggestions on the construction of the trailer based on marketing research to increase their desirability and sales.

Result: All website layouts provided by Wiregrass Advertising were rejected and the owner’s wife specified the exact look, colors and marketing scheme. All suggestions for improvements to the trailer were rejected by the business owner. Ignoring marketing data, the owner priced his trailer approximately $2,000 over nicer and better equipped similar products already on the market. On completion of the website the owner never updated the sports information causing the repeat web traffic to stop. One year later the owner closed the business without a single sale.

Marketing Consultation Case Study 3

Jon Blalock Hair

Background: Jon Blalock has extensive experience working in small to large salons. He had recently opened his own salon.
Initial Marketing Consult and Review: While at the previous salon he had performed some internet marketing which was still driving people to the previous salon looking for him. He desired that we reverse that marketing and drive the internet business to him instead.

Goal: Jon’s main desire was to increase customer base, especially among the discerning local military personnel.

Plan: First we developed a website reminiscent of what would be typical for a large city salon look with video and increased his web presence through internet marketing. Next we developed a contest that would encourage return visits by current clients but would also promote word of mouth increasing the customer base.

Result: Jon has extended his hours to handle the increase in business. He is now seeing more new customers along with an increase in repeat business. He is also seeing an increase in military related clients.

Marketing Consultation Case Study 4

Malkoff Devices

Background: Gene Malkoff invented a device that enables an LED bulb to burn very brightly for extended periods of time without damaging its circuitry. When Gene came to Wiregrass Advertising he was working a full-time job for the Sate of Alabama. He already had a website and sales, but the sales were not enough to provide adequate income for him to quit his full-time job.

Initial Marketing Consult and Review: After reviewing the Malkoff Device website, his primary sales tool, we advised Gene that the website did not portray the devices appropriately and was costing him sales.

Plan: Wiregrass Advertising redesigned the website and encouraged increasing customer contact. When the devices went into mass production Wiregrass Advertising designed the packaging.

Result: Sales immediately increased after Wiregrass Advertising, Inc. redesigned the website, created comparison videos, increased his internet presence and implemented customer contact methods. Two months after the initial marketing consultation Gene was able to quit his full time employment and now works his business full-time and spends quality time with his family.

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