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Over the years we have developed several custom website programs to fit various specific needs. Below are some of theE-commerce, online store, website program programs available for use on your website. We can custom develop a website for your specific needs. Please contact us for questions.

E-commerce, Online Store Websites

We have listened to a lot of feedback provided by our clients and developed an online store shopping cart that has dozens of features to make generating revenue much easier. visit our online store e-commerce page for detailed information about this custom website program.

Construction Website Portal

The construction website has three parts to meet the needs of a construction company desiring to connect with newconstruction website program customers and make updating existing customers concerning the progress of their construction project a breeze.

  1. The first part is the custom designed full-featured website for the general public to view.
  2. An extra section is added for the construction company and real estate agents to list properties that are for sale.
  3. The third section allows the construction company to set up a portal for each customer with a unique password protected login. The construction foreman can update the project, upload pictures, leave and receive notes from the customer, develop a time line calendar for the construction phases and more.

The construction website portal can be quickly updated from a web-enabled cell phone on the jobsite by the customer,Church website program foreman or construction company management.

Here is a live construction website we built for Marvin Salter Construction.

Church Websites

Church websites could easily be our most popular program we provide to web clients. This custom website program can be updated by multiple administrators who each have separate login and passwords and can only update the specific pages as designated by the "super" administrator. If you are used to using a text editing program such as Microsoft Word then you can update your church website easily. Click here to view an entire page we've written about our church website program.

Job or Career Placement WebsiteJob board website program

We can develop a theme-specific job board website or a generic career website suitable for listing jobs in any type of field. Options of the jobs website program include the uploading of jobs by a moderator or by outside companies. Job searchers can post resumes online and fill out applications for specific jobs.

We recently developed a jobs website for Blackwell and King. This live website features jobs in the veterinary field.

Local News PortalsLocal news website program

One of the fastest growing internet fields is the ability to provide local news "as it happens." A good website that can quickly post news and quality articles of interest to a local population can be a major revenue generator. Our local news website program allows viewers to submit stories which are held until approved by an administrator, quick posting of text, pictures and video, and has its own built in ad placement and rotation management. In addition to categories of your choosing, the local news portal website also has a classifieds section with automatic payment collections though PayPal. Contact us for several options we can develop into the news website program for you such as automatic updates to Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a live sample of our local news program in action.

Auto, RV and Boat Inventory WebsitesAuto Inventory Program

Whether you are selling autos, RVs or boats we have inventory programs for you. These top programs have the ability to upload and automatically resize and create thumbnails up to 12 pictures per vehicle, RV or boat and suggest similar vehicles. For auto dealers the program can automatically update your AutoTrader or accounts. A contact form is located on every detail page allowing the customer to quickly email you about a specific item. The email will auto-fill the exact vehicle, boat or RV the person is looking at. This inventory  program can also be customized for motorcycle dealers.

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