Best Practices For Improving E-commerce Conversion

Many online businesses today are struggling with converting their visitors into paying customers; this is known as e-commerce conversion. While people are visiting their e-commerce platforms, very few people are purchasing from their platforms.

This presents a problem as the effort and resources you put into your e-commerce platform goes to waste. It doesn’t have to be this way. The following are some practices that could help you improve your e-commerce conversion.

1. Search engine optimization or SEO

To improve your e-commerce conversion, it is essential that you optimize your websites. Why is this significant? A search engine is an essential tool that businesses should understand how to use. They are usually used by people who are actively seeking to find you or the products and services that you are selling.

For this reason, it is imperative that you perform well on search engine results. Search engine optimization can help you accomplish this.

SEO covers a wide range of activities from relevancy to content. You will, however, need to ensure that your site content is excellent. You can use any type of multimedia to make it so. For example, you can use various formats of multimedia, such as text, images, and video. Your product descriptions should be excellently written. Similarly, the pictures of your products should be unique and clear in order to entice a purchase. Videos can also be a great asset to your site as you use them to break up content, show your customers how to make a purchase on your site, and to successfully showcase some of your best products.

You should also make sure that your content is relevant and interesting. Being relevant and using keywords related to your products and services you offer on your site will help your SEO ranking when someone uses search engines to find your site. These things will definitely help increase your conversion.

You should also ensure that you improve the loading speed of your site. Sites that have a slow loading speed, which usually is more than 2 seconds, often have a high bounce rate. About 64% of customers, who do not like the performance and loading site of an online store take their business elsewhere. For this reason, your online store should load in less than two minutes.

You should also take advantage of mobile apps to boost your conversion. Mobile apps accounts for more than half of online users thus making your online store accessible by mobile app is likely to increase your conversion.

Similarly, take advantage of localization. Since search engine users are actively seeking something, they often need it fast. Therefore, they are likely to search for what they want within their surroundings. Specify your business area and list it on local directories.

Additionally, as search engines seek to provide the most relevant content to users, making your online store mobile-friendly and taking advantage of localization can help your online search rank increase profoundly.

2. Have a unique selling point (USP)

What is setting your online store apart from your competitors? The answer to this question can be the key to your conversion woes. Quite often, online stores that struggle offer nothing that sets them apart from their competitors.

You can have a USP by employing the following suggestions. You can offer free deliveries which your competitors do not have. You may also provide better price discounts compared to your competitors or you can provide better customer service with excellent after-sales services.  

Having a USP will attract more customers to your online store. This will help you as more traffic will often translate into improved conversion.

3. Make the customer journey as smooth as possible

The moment a potential customer makes contact with your online store, his experience can significantly determine whether he will continue to shop with you or take his business elsewhere.

In e-commerce, the customer journey plays a crucial role in the ultimate conversion. From the start, ensure that possible customers find your business by employing the right marketing for your e-commerce platform. Make your landing pages catchy for when they visit your site. This will help reduce the bounce rate on your platforms. You should also make it easy for customers to select and purchase items.

There should be a place where the potential customers can perform a quick search of your online store. Great product descriptions will help them know what your products are as they search for the items that they need or want.

You should make adding and removing items to their online carts simple. Make the steps for placing and paying for an order easy to follow as well. Complicated payment systems tend to drive customers away.

Engaging third party payment processing which enables you to take advantage of different currencies can be a big boost in your conversion. Once an order is placed and paid for, following through with a quick delivery of your product. Have a return policy readily available to customers and have a place on your site where they can rate your services. Excellent reviews are great for helping your e-commerce conversion.

Satisfied customers may come back to shop with you or even recommend your store to other customers. Maximizing your e-commerce stores profits means optimizing every stage of Conversion Funnels.

4. Make great use of analytics and tools

Analytics can play a key role when you want to study your performance and ultimately make key changes that may lead to an improvement in your conversion.

Information such as the number of visitors, measuring conversion, bounce rate, and where visitors are originating from can provide vital information that may help you make relevant decisions for your online store. Sometimes those numbers show you aren’t doing very well and an in depth analysis of the data can give you an idea of where the problem is. Once you change something for those problem areas, you’ll be able to increase the conversion of your site.

While e-commerce businesses are struggling to understand conversion, these are the best practices to significantly boost your conversion. Employ them see your success grow.