How SEO is Tied to Content on Your Website Blog

When you are building an online business, one of the first things that an experienced digital marketer will tell you is how vital keyword selection when blogging is to the overall success of your venture.

Writing Target Content Helps Attract Website Visitors

Everyone wants to draw more views and engagement from their content. The easiest and most frictionless way to invite new interested visitors to your blog or website is by focusing on the wants and needs of your viewers and offering target content that speaks directly to the audience.

Your website blog serves as a ‘hub’ of activity, providing you with a place to connect all of your digital marketing efforts in one central web destination.

When blogging to help increase search engine rankings and visibility, it is always a logical idea to write target content, as well as provide any resource links to your primary website pages.

Make Quality Content

You should also be sure to follow all of the ‘best practices’ for technical writing. By this, I don’t mean you need to learn how to become a technical writer, but instead, make sure that you complete all of the technical details such as adding a focus keyword, making sure that you’ve filled out your webpage descriptions, make sure your content is long enough, and you’ve added rich snippets to your post.

By doing so, you assist website crawlers, search engine spiders, your blog readers, and website visitors to navigate to more essential or cornerstone content available on your site.

If you operate an ECommerce website, blog posts with target content that helps support the sales of the products or services you offer is a way to reduce the blended costs you’re paying for marketing. Further, a relevant and trendy blog post gives you something fresh and unique that you can share on your social media platforms, helping you to connect with your most avid and engaged social media following.

Don’t Forget Your Keyword Research

Before writing your blog post, give some thought to what keywords you are hoping to rank for as a result of the update. If you are having troubles figuring out what to write about, consider using Google Keyword Planner for inspiration. Having a plan for your content is helpful for increasing website traffic, conversions, and other essential web metrics.

Your blog is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Use it wisely to achieve your business goals. The best way to make your blog work for you is to make quality content. There are no shortcuts to making an effective blog. Just remember content is king and you will end up blogging like a professional in no time.


How Do Keywords and MetaTags Work for SEO?

Keyword research is one of the most important steps of the search engine optimization (SEO) process. You need keywords within your online content to promote your website. At the HTML level, you need meta tags and descriptions that provide a basic overview of your site. If you’re new to digital marketing, then here’s a look at how keywords and metadata boost your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

For SEO content to work, there must be searchable terms (keywords) that people use to find your site online. To rank on a search engine, you need to incorporate these words and phrases appropriately within the web content—without keyword stuffing. Then, your webpages will appear in different rankings in the search engine results pages.

You can’t choose just any keyword to boost web rankings. To be successful, you have to do your research. You want to target words and phrases that are proven to attract visitors to sites like yours.

Keyword Ranking

A keyword ranker is a simple tool to help you research target keywords. Here, you can look through a list of keywords and see where they rank on a search engine—you see how frequently each word is used. By knowing how often users search a specific term, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to use it in your campaign.

There are a variety of keyword ranking resources online—and many quality keyword rankers are free to use. For example, The Hoth’s keyword ranker lets you check current rankings and sign up for real-time alerts.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML codes that provide web page descriptions to the search engines. The web page creator is responsible for writing the title, description, and keyword tags that help people find the site. The meta description tag is a basic summary of the website, and the keyword tag contains relevant keywords based on your research. Without meta tags, it’s more difficult for people to find your web pages.

The Importance of Metadata

The rules for keyword ranking change frequently with Google. Even so, using meta tags is important and recommended for every website owner. It’s not the only factor that matters, but it’s still a factor that affects the rankings of pages online. While it’s just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle, it’s important to know how to use meta tags in your SEO efforts.

Keywords and meta tags are used by nearly all managers of successful websites. It may take some time and effort to find the right keywords. But with the right tools and an understanding of SEO basics, you’ll be well on your way to building a click-worthy website. All this behind-the-scenes work will be worthwhile once your site moves up the ranks and attracts more visitors.

There’s a lot that goes into building a dynamic website packed with searchable content. As qualified webmasters, the team at Wiregrass Advertising goes beyond the basics with proven SEO techniques. Reach out to us today to learn more about our web building services.

Improve Your Business Reputation and Sales by Implementing These 5 Tools

In business, image is everything. Good standing in the industry and your local community creates a momentum that builds your business. Reputation management refers to ways of influencing the public perception about a particular business or brand; but ultimately, reputation improvement begins with doing things for your customers that are valuable and credible. These are five of the best techniques and tools to help you grow the reputation of your company, and as a result, to grow your sales.

1. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912 by Merle Sidener, and it’s one of the oldest and most reliable sources to go to for resolving disputes between businesses and customers. The Better Business Bureau is trusted, reliable, and experienced. They have a process for accrediting businesses, and if you decide to go through the process of gaining that accreditation, customers will know that you are striving to meet BBB accreditation standards, which include pledges to operate honestly and with integrity. This goes a long way in making a good impression, especially if you consistently strive to answer and redress complaints that you receive from customers through BBB.

2. Cision

The origins of Cision start back as far as 1867, but the company as we know it now only emerged in the late 2000’s, and today it is led by CEO Kevin Akeroyd. Cision is a tool that helps you build a robust public relations strategy. It will help you to actively target journalists, bloggers, and other such social influencers. It is a proactive method of pushing out a campaign of positive messages about your brand and your products.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite was started in 2008 by Canadian entrepreneur Ryan Holmes, and its focus is primarily dedicated to helping business owners easily manage multiple social media accounts. Not only will Hootsuite help you schedule and manage social media posts for many, many platforms, but it will also track and measure the effects that those posts have, allowing you to get a comprehensive picture of the failure or success of your social media campaigns.

4. TinyTorch

TinyTorch is one of the youngest companies on this list; it began in 2013 under the founders Jon Bradshaw and Kylie Lakevold. The goal of TinyTorch is to make posting or reposting content easy, so that you can generate customer interest in your social media accounts. It helps you to find social influencers and user-generated content, so you can have an accurate way on managing and monitoring your presence online.

5. Womply

Australian-born entrepreneur Toby Scammel founded Womply in 2011 for three purposes: business management, customer management, and reputation management. Womply is a multipurpose, dimensional tool that allows you to easily keep track of your reputation. It helps you collect vital data about your customers and your standing in the marketplace, including reviews and complaints from customers. All of this information is collected in one place; that way, you can quickly address customer concerns and complaints, and get the edge on competitors.

If you have had struggles with your reputation in the past, it is important to address the faults in your business and do what can be done to redress past mistakes. Pay attention to the criticisms and reviews that your business receives, and evaluate what you can do to improve. Changing the internal operations of your business and improving your products might be a painful time of change for your business, but ultimately, change is your path to success. Salvaging a damaged reputation cannot be done if no effort is made to stop the behaviors that created the bad reputation in the first place. Unless changes are made, even using brilliant tools like the ones listed above will not help you.

All of these strategies, especially when applied over social media platforms, have proven successful for past businesses who needed to work on their reputation. The key, however, is to be consistent in applying these strategies and tools over time. Evaluate the reputation of your business frequently, and make consistent corrections in order to build up the trust of your customers.

Which Social Media Platform is Right for My Business?

Choosing the best social media platforms for your business can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success, especially if you have a very targeted audience and demographic you want to reach in mind. Selecting the most prominent social networks for your brand ensures you are able to optimize each post, update, and social media marketing campaign you launch.



facebook, social media

Facebook is currently the largest social media platform available, with billions of registered users worldwide. Connecting with fans and potential customers on Facebook is possible by launching a page for your brand in addition to creating new Facebook advertising campaigns to run across the network.

Using Facebook is ideal if you prefer in-depth analytic and data from each marketing campaign you launch. Facebook allows you to run campaigns targeted to specific genders, income levels, and even interests or hobbies relevant to your business and brand using keywords and phrases of your choice. When you want to launch robust social media marketing campaigns, Facebook is an optimal social network to get started.



twitter, social media

Twitter is another way to gain exposure while promoting links and boosting your website’s overall SEO, or search engine optimization. Twitter users enjoy getting involved in personal threads, witty comebacks, and snarky gossip, which is why Twitter is a network that is ideal for brands targeting younger audiences and audiences more entrenched in the realm of technology and social justice today.




Instagram is a leading social media platform that is highly recommended for brands who have media-heavy updates and content to share with followers and prospective customers. Using Instagram is a great way to showcase advertisements, promotions, and updates to followers with the use of vivid and attractive imagery, graphics, typography, and photography. For businesses and brands that utilize design in advertisements as a part of their branding, using Instagram is a must. Instagram is also useful for remaining current with the latest trends in various industries with the use of hashtags, phrases, and other keywords that are currently trending on the platform itself.



snapchat, social media

According to Elevated, “Snapchat didn’t fade away and disappear. In fact, the opposite happened. More and more people started using it and now it’s getting so big that it could soon be battling Instagram and Facebook to be the most popular social network.” Using Snapchat is idyllic for brands that are interested in utilizing video media or simply want to reach an audience that is younger and more current with pop culture and today’s latest trends.



pinterest, social media

Using Pinterest is a way to connect with creative audiences and audiences who prefer customized and personalized items. With Pinterest, share tips, how-to’s, and various tutorials to keep your followers and loyal customers genuinely interested in what your business has to offer.


With the right social media platforms, maximize your brand’s online reach while appealing to the largest audience possible regardless of the market or industry you represent. Understanding the ins and outs of all social media networks today is a way to truly take advantage of each platform and what each one has to offer to businesses and brands.

5 Ways Design Impacts Publisher Sales

One of the critical lessons all creative professionals learn at some point early in their career is that sales have very little to do with creativity and far more to do with the expectations of their intended audience. Many of these expectations are either met or not met by the design work invested in a published product, whether it be a book, an educational paper or a periodical.

The centrality of that design work often becomes more, not less critical over time. As creative people learn what works and what doesn’t, specific patterns begin to emerge. Some are encouraging. Others aren’t. The reality is there isn’t much a publisher can do to change them since demand creates supply. This pattern issue is the primary reason Hollywood makes sequels and adaptations instead of original films. The market punishes originality and rewards the familiar.

This reward should be the first consideration for publishers seeking better sales.


The bottom line is prospective customers do judge books by their covers. Publishers who fight this characteristic of the market go out of business because the market can remain stubborn a lot longer than the average publisher can stay solvent. According to B Squared, “we exist to design and make printed goods that help people better communicate and conduct business, from the seasoned marketer who needs a large banner produced for their client’s big launch tomorrow, to the Wall Street banker who expects high-quality presentation posters…”

Publishers looking for “printing services near me” for example are going to want to see something that conveys what they expect from a printer. They’ll do what everyone does. If they see what they expect, they’ll buy. If not, they won’t.


The most effective designs are simple. The reason they should stay that way is that prospective customers use confusion as an excuse to move on. People must be able to understand what you are selling instantaneously. If your design can do that, you have a chance of making the sale. If, on the other hand, your plan is all over the map, customers will just move to the next thing.


If you don’t think the title is the essential part of your design, just ask anyone who registered a domain name using a homonym. Welcome to! Instant loss of everyone who types, and vice-versa. Titles are the foundation upon which your entire design depends. Get them wrong, and it doesn’t matter what happens afterward.


Fancy fonts are a great way to create unreadable designs. If the title is your most important consideration, making it readable is number two. That swirly glittery calligraphic font might be whimsical and fun, but it’s going to burn your publication to ash in the marketplace. Get rid of it.


White on whatever is the best contrast combination in our solar system. This contrast is correct because of the properties of light from our sun. White works, so use it. Don’t try to be creative with subtle shades of orange on brown or purple on blue. All that does is hurt your readers’ eyes and destroy sales. Make it white on red so it can be seen from the opposite side of a Walmart. Then you’ll see results.

All this might make it sound like design isn’t all that creative, and to a certain extent, that’s true. However, it should be noted designs benefit far more from what is taken away from them than what is added. Plan accordingly.

Small Business Secrets for Achieving First-Time Milestones

If you want to get more out of your small business, then you need to adapt new strategies. Many new businesses stay small because they get stale in their processes and fail to achieve major development milestones. By using new strategies and taking calculated risks in your processes, you can avoid pitfalls and get to your milestones faster. Don’t miss out on chances to get your big wins sooner. Use the secrets below to speed up your path to the finish line!

 Small Business Secrets for Achieving First-Time Milestones

Define Outcomes

If you don’t have a clearly defined outcome, you won’t ever reach it. You need to be more specific with your goals if you want to achieve them. Saying “we want to increase revenue” is too vague to energize your employees to perform. Take time to sit down and write out your goals. Then share them with your team so everyone is on the same page. Be sure you have time-specific outlines to help you stay on track.


Get More Attention

You can have the best company in the world, but you need positive attention for it to survive. If customers don’t know you exist, they will never pay you a dime. Focus on the top end of your funnel. The bigger the pipeline of business you have, the more customers you can close and the faster you will grow. Check out online advertising strategies you may not be utilizing. This could be social media, SEO tactics, or online ads. Connect in spaces where you’ll find the most customers interested in your product or brand.


Build List

Getting to 10,000 subscribers is a big milestone for many companies. However, if you are going to reach that goal, you need to have a strategy. First, you should have an opt-in email box on all your website pages. Second, be sure to actually send out regular promotions when you get people on your list. If they come to like your messages or coupons, they will tell their friends and help grow your company faster. Use monthly newsletters to keep subscribers informed on your business and new products.


Stepping Up Transportation

The kind of vehicles you use can have a big effect on how customers see you. Rent cars for business trips and picking up clients that portray the image you’re going for. After all, appearance is everything in business. If you use delivery services, be sure you have a fleet or use a transportation service with great quality and track records.


Stay Social

If you aren’t using social, get on it! Social media is free most of the time, and lets you scale to the whole world. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you can get there faster with more exposure and hype.


When it comes to running a small business, it is necessary to outperform your competition in a few key areas you specialize in. That way, you can stand out from the crowd. Pick a few of the tips above and put them into use as it pertains to your business. That way you can gain loyal fans for life and grow your company faster than before.

Important News from Wiregrass Advertising!

Over the past 11 years, we have worked to offer you the best in marketing, hosting, and website design.  In January, we are continuing our services under a new name: Ignite Creative Marketing Agency.

Please be advised that there will be no change that affects you negatively. By the name change, we hope to expand the company as well as keep up the good reputation we have built. We will continue providing the same services as well as offering new cloud-based and hands-on marketing services.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at (334) 513-8705 or at

I want to personally thank you for being our client and let you know how much I value your business.  I wish you a wonder-filled Christmas season and an amazing new year!

Christian Helvin
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Domains and the Power of .com

In a world full of domains and .whatevers :), .com is still the most powerful and standard domain extension you can get.  It has grown over to the years to greater than 110 million registered domains!

Take the next step in growing your business. Join the millions of businesses that have found success on a .com.

.com means business. .com is the standard for doing business online. Give your business the recognition that comes along with a .com to help connect with new customers and partners.

.com means credibility. Your name says a lot about your business so why associate it with a less credible domain? Customers know .com, and that’s why every Fortune 500 company and the world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com. Align yourself with the domain more businesses rely on to grow online.

.com means confidence. Every business can benefit from an online identity customers know and trust. Thanks to over 15 years of reliability, security and availability, .com enables you and your customers to confidently connect online.

Get started registering yoru domain today!

Vine: Your 6 Seconds in the Spotlight? Social NetworkIn today’s world of social media, there are so many ways to connect with your audience.  Everything from Facebook and Google+ to Intragram and Flickr, choosing the best ones for your business can be difficult.

I’m going to review yet another social network: Vine. Owned by Twitter, Vine uses the same concept as the popular microblogging service: six second videos.  Being always short and to the point, this could be one reason this network has gained so much attention.  Let’s cover some the features that could make this a must for your business.

First, let us cover the fact – that yes! – every video is 6 seconds long, no more, no less!  This should not inhibit your creativity but instead blossom many ideas to fit your brand and message within that period.

The next item to keep in mind is your business on Vine might not promote to the right audience for your niche. Contrary to many of the most popular social networks, Vine is less of a complete social network in its traditional form and more of a mobile app.  As of now, unless you embed specific videos on your website, you are not able to view a single video or interact with other users on their website: only when using their app on your mobile device.

If your products or services speak to this type of audience, then get started!  Make videos to promote your new product lines, show customers little hints or ticks or announce your company news. The options, though might seem few with only six seconds, are pretty much endless. Below are some examples of what we found to be good advertising to help spark your imagination.

So if you believe Vine can help your business grow, sign up today to get started.  Here at Wiregrass Advertising, we are here to serve your business with any social media marketing need you have.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

BangSlush! – The Revolutionary Way to Clean Your Water Heater

We are very pleased to present our new website, BangSlush! We worked closely with a remarkable gentleman who invented a product to absolutely save you money while promoting your family’s health!


The BangSlush! Invention

Did you know that within a couple years time, your water heater’s bottom element will be surrounded by slushy deposits? Instead of heating nice, clean water in the tank, it begins to heat up those deposits!

With the BangSlush! Hot Water Heater Cleaning Apparatus, you can simply and easily clean the muck, slush and mineral buildup out of your water heater, extending the life of both the heater as well as the heating elements.

In addition to his amazing cleaning product, he also innovated a common water heater product: the element socket. Usually element sockets allow you to unscrew the heating element, however they provide no stability or support to remove it from the actual tank. The BangSlush! Element Socket not only unscrews the device and provides stability to remove the element, but also attaches to any regular drill for easy removal!

Originally coming to us for a simple marketing consultation, we had the pleasure of working with the complete branding, video shoot/design and website design.

For more information and to purchase yours today, please visit