Why Wiregrass Advertising is Different

The Dothan, Alabama and Enterprise, Alabama area offers several website design firms to choose from. Each offers its own level of knowledge and skill along with areas of expertise. In the end, each firm will deliver a website for your customers to view. And that is where the differences begin.

Wiregrass Advertising operates on a business model that is unique among all local design firms. First we believe in treating our customers fairly and according to how we would like to be treated ourselves. That involves putting our whole effort into each site insuring that it is to the best of our ability and the most workable for the customer's needs and desires.  

Additionally, we work very closely with our customers attempting to minimize any interruptions to your normal work environment. Our goal is to offer you a turnkey website that is exactly what you need without you having to worry or spend undue amount of time writing copy, taking pictures, meeting with us, etc. "Give us the work, that's our job!"

Thirdly, we believe in operating ethically. Most web design companies will purchase a domain name for a customer registering the name under the designer's company name. The designer then withholds the domain name's username and password information from the customer. Without this information the customer is permanently obligated to conduct business with the specific designer or lose their domain name. Occasionally a design firm goes out of business and all information is lost completely. Wiregrass helps many businesses a year who experience this nightmare. 

When Wiregrass Advertising purchases a domain name for a customer it is registered in the customer's name. This means that the customer owns the name and all rights to it. We also provide the customer with the usernames and passwords associated with their accounts. Although every one of our customers has all the information they need to switch designers should they choose-clients rarely do. 

Lastly, Wiregrass Advertising keeps abreast of the ever changing search engine algorithms so that we can properly Search Engine Optimize your site. No one can guarantee search engine ranking, however from behind the scenes coding to adding pages of related articles, your site will be designed to rank well in the search engines. Upon completion of your site we will submit it to up to 200,000 search engines. 

We believe you should ask any web designer at the beginning of negotiations the following questions:

  1. Who will own my domain name?
  2. On completion of my site will I be given all passwords and usernames for full access to my domain?
  3. What will happen to my account if something happens to you or your company?
  4. How many search engines will you submit my site to and will that incur an additional charge?
  5. Who will own the copyright to the design, graphics and website?

If you are not comfortable with your designer or would like to learn more take a few minutes to contact Wiregrass Advertising in Enterprise, Alabama today. With over 10 years experience in website design we are confident that we can meet your needs with the best, most ethical service available anywhere!

Contact us today to join the Wiregrass Advertising Family!

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