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Internet Marketing is the active promotion of a website-  placing it where potential customers will be attracted to it when ready to make a decision. Wiregrass Advertising can market your new website we design for you or an existing site you already have.

We want your website to succeed. We can market the site globally, nationally or locally as per your needs. We will provide you with timely marketing analysis and tools throughout the internet marketing period enabling you to know that your site is working for you.

Our marketing package includes the following:

This internet marketing package lasts for 6 months with the option to renew the marketing in part or whole for additional six month intervals.

Put your website where it needs to be and attract attention with internet marketing!

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*We believe Wiregrass Advertising, Inc to be the largest primarily web design and internet marketing company in the Southeast United States offering our scope of services. Along with design, development and marketing of your new website we can design and print business cards, brochures, advertising layouts, t-shirts and banners to provide uniformity of marketing. Wiregrass Advertising's Promotions Division is a celebrities management agency for comedians and singers. World class service from Enterprise, Alabama and Dothan, Alabama!