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According to statistics for the first 3 months of this year, visitors from search engines buy 3.6 times more often than visitors from sites, and 2 times more often than visitors from paid ads and bookmarks.

The following are just a few samples proving our search engine optimization techniques work. Wiregrass Advertising can optimize existing sites too. We show search engine optimization results of Google and Bing because close to 90% of all website searches in the United States are performed on these search engines. After optimization of a site we submit it to up to 200,000 search engines. Below are only a few sites we have search engine optimized.

Where do you want your website in the search engines?

Fluctuations occur. If a site is not on the search engine page we have linked to, check the pages before or after.

seo example- U.S. Mobile Homes, manufactures homes in Dothan, AL

We searched "manufactured homes Dothan" looking for U.S. Mobile Homes

Google Page 1, #1 out of 366,000 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1, #1 out of 16,100,000 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Carters Investigations, north Florida investigator
We searched "investigator north Florida" looking for Carters Investigations.
Google Page 1 out of 2,150,000 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Holly's Kitchen, decorated and sculptured cakes
We searched "sculptured decorated cake" looking for Holly's Kitchen
Google Page 2 out of 2,970,000 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1 out of 78,300 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Dothan Nurseries in Dothan, AL, plant nursery
We searched "plant nurseries in dothan" looking for
Dothan Nurseries
Google Page 1 out of 316,000 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1 out of 24,300 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Storage Solutions Dothan, storage buildings
We searched "storage buildings dothan" looking for Storage Solutions
Google Page 1, #1 out of 49,900 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1, #1 out of 65,000 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Enterprise Magic in Enterprise, Alabama, Alabama magician
We searched "magician alabama" for Enterprise Magic
Google Page 1 out of 2,090,000 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1 out of 1,050,000 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Kaylees Kastles, Geneva, Alabama bounce houses and water slides
We searched "dry and water jumbo slides " for Kaylees Kastles
Google Page 1 out of 2,650,000 sites (03/08/13)
seo example- Neal Tindol Tire, Alabama. Wholesale tire casings provider
We searched "wholesale container sales of truck tire casings" for Neal Tindol Tire
Google Page 1, #1 out of 7,140,00 sites (03/08/13)
Bing Page 1 out of 232,000 sites (03/08/13)

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